Graduation project, january 2014, KADK

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design — Visual Communication — Graphic Design, Type Design & Typography

Sign painters decorated the cityscape of Copenhagen in the first part of the 20th century, they made the walls speak to the customer with a great variation of type and colorful type images. In my graduation project I dived into picture archives, explored, analyzed and documented type in the city of Copenhagen.

I created this dedicated website { } to facilitate the huge and organised image gallery and to make the images accessible to the public.

Based on my findings a new type family “KØBENHAVN FAMILY” grew, a family of 5 typefaces.

The typefaces:
*Asta [Gade sans, sans serif, neo-grotesque, grotesk]
*Ægir [Semi-serif, glyphic, chisel type]
*Nora [Skønvirke, Jugend, art nouveau, arts & crafts]
*Palæ [Ny-antikva, serif typeface, neo-transitional]
*Vester [Plade-serif, egyptienne, egyptian, slab serif]

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