Five obstructions

This is my Bachelor project, summer 2011

THE "PERFECT" TYPE FAMILY - A study of the creative approach to type design

Five specific obstructions received from five persons and from each obstruction I designed a member of the type family. The foundation is an existing typeface (Elze - Elsevier revival) designed in a previous project.


STEEN EJLERS: "The typeface must express something artistic, springy, musical, like something spatial or something fragmented / reduced."

MADS QUISTGAARD: "Elze goes out and meet Berlosconi - 9 months later she gives birth to a young whore. An italic called Bunga Bunga."

MY MOTHER: "You shall be inspired by India's sensory bombardment of diversity and color and be inspired by the Indian type language Sanskrit."

RASMUS S. TROELSEN: "This is translated literally from Lars von Trier's first obstruction to Jørgen Leth. You can call it technical, abstract, or free. No character in your typeface must have more than 12 points. And no curves. (And it must be designed in Cuba)."

SURPLUS WONDER: "Read "Andy the Fiets: Letter to Robin Kinross" by Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot. Put yourself in Andy the Fiets shoes and redesign Elze, as Andy would have done it "