Enno typeface

I designed 4 typefaces while being an intern at Novo Typo in Amsterdam, Enno was one of them. The aim was to design a very reduced typeface with a nice elegant touch. This typeface also contain some great arrows and other useful symbols.

––– My four typeface designs were part of an alternative superfamily
{The Novo Family} The type family was featured in SLANTED Magazine #19
––– Several of the typefaces are published in the TYPODARIUM 2013 Calendar
––– The Novo Superfamily on SLANTED BLOG
––– Posted on Gestalten Creative Pool
––– The Novo Superfamily / SLANTED #19 on typetoken type blog
Featured in SLANTED #19 My four typeface designs was a contribution to the Novo Superfamily, the type family was featured in SLANTED Magazine #19